O-Ring & Seal Solutions, Inc. is committed to meeting our customers’ quality requirements.  We strive for perfection in cost control, quality, delivery and service.  We recommend innovative solutions to our customers that result in the highest possible quality at the lowest total cost.  Each individual is empowered to stop a process that produces a product that does not meet quality requirements. Additionally, we can be flexible with our quality system to achieve quality objectives for our customers, suppliers and our own internal quality satisfaction.

ISO 9001: 2015

O-Ring & Seal Solutions’s Quality system complies with ISO9001 requirements. We only work with ISO certified manufacturers and regularly ensure compliance so customers can have confidence that the parts they receive were manufactured to industry standards.

Meeting Higher StandarDs

It is commonplace for our customers to require that a higher level of care and scrutiny be placed on the products we provide. Examples of this include meeting NSF, FDA, or UL standards. We have experience providing parts compliant with all of these standards and more. Please let us know if you have specific requirements that must be met and we will work with you to ensure your parts are compliant.

Eliminating harmful compounds

We are committed to working with our customers in order to ensure their products meet their safety standards. We are prepared to work with you to ensure that your parts are compliant with standards such as ROHS, REACH, Prop 65, and Dodd-Frank.

O-Ring & Seal Solutions, InC

We Strive To Create Long-Term Relationships With Our Customers.
That’s Why We Work With Our Customers on Tool Costs, Set-up Fees, & Quality Processes.



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